About Rena and her Books

Who AM I?

I'm an Author and Intuitive, a seeker at heart, slightly obsessed with metaphysics and the paranormal. 

My supernatural experiences began when I was around six years old. This includes seeing apparitions, being touched, hearing voices calling my name, and seeing objects move out of the corner of my eye. Was I afraid? Heck yeah! But ultimately, I was curious and the experiences continued throughout my teenage years.

in 2004 I began studying metaphysics, devouring books on the subject, and learning as many methods to communicate with the spirit world as I could from dozens of teachers. Those classes were the inspiration for my first book (see below). In 2017 my focus changed to involve more of what I call channeling. This is one of the many ways I communicate with the Divine, spirit world, and universal energies and was the inspiration for my second book (see below). 

My goal is to expand my consciousness to a place where I can move past any preconceived ideas of boundaries between time and space, and reach my full potential as an energetic being. What exactly does that look like? I have no idea, but promise to share the story once I figure it out.

I currently reside in Fairfax, Virginia, with my husband (Kurt), son (Travis), and French bulldog (Stitch). My daughter, Sydney, is a proud member of the US Navy.


Rena's First Book

The Would-Be Medium: My Ten-Year Journey as a Workshop Junkie

This is the story of Rena Huisman and her journey into the world of metaphysics. She shares her experiences attending dozens of classes in psychic and mediumship development, healing, astrology, numerology, the Tarot, psychokinesis, and more. This wonderful book provides insight from the student’s perspective, not the teacher’s. The reader gets to walk in the Rena's shoes through each class, living the successes and frustrations along the way.

Through her colorful stories, Rena hopes to encourage readers to work their intuitive muscles, think outside the box, and imagine the possibilities. Whether the reader is at the beginning of their journey or a seasoned professional, she hopes this book will inspire them to keep learning and become a beacon of light for others in the future.

Curious about developing your Psychic or Mediumship abilities but afraid to try? This is your book!


Rena's Second Book

They Called Me Starchild: The Sacred Journey to Finding My Life's Purpose

Who am I? Why am I here? What is my life's purpose? These seem like reasonable questions that should automatically come with answers at the time of our birth, but they don't. Instead, we spend our lives trying to figure them out through trial and error or what Rena calls enlightenment through life experience. 

Encouraged to share her experience by her guides, she reveals how easy it is to ask for help and ignore the answers. To allow internal fears and preconceived ideas blind us from our true calling. But most importantly, she shows us how patient the universe is knowing that we are energetic beings living a physical life who need their help.

Through her book, Rena shares the sacred journey to finding her life's purpose. A journey that began with hearing the name, Starchild.